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byul masters, bosque brown mixes, erik enocksson slated for release on btv

It’s turning into an almost overwhelming period of activity around btv hq. The kind woman at the post office found my package and I now have the byul master, as well as some incredible releases that they did in Korea. I’m really excited to be able to get to release this byul record, they’ve fully captured our attention and we’ve been raging a byul obsession for quite some time now. Their graphics and packaging are simply some of the most amazing I’ve seen and I can’t wait to see what the artwork looks like for the US release.
The mixes for Bosque Brown’s Baby have been in heavy rotation along with the byul master. Both are set to get mastered over the next couple of weeks. It’s looking like late winter/early spring 2009 releases. These will come out on cd and LP.
I’d like to take this time to officially announce that Burnt Toast Vinyl will be issuing Erik Enocksson’s Farväl Falkenberg soundtrack on cd in the US. This is a beautiful album and originally issued by Denmark’s Kning Disk. We’re working on a formal release date. Ever since I got this record late last year, it’s been in heavy rotation, seriously one of my favorite records in recent memory. I’ve been pursuing doing something with Erik and we’ve finally hammered out the details. Kning has also released a 7″ and we’re working on getting that out in the US as well, too. I would really love to see this issued on vinyl, but we’re still working on these details.
My good friend Jamie is visiting from Mississippi. We got to see Stereolab play on Wednesday night. She went to see Fleet Foxes (hail Tillman and Wargo) while Willi$, the Commissioner, and I had standing room only tickets to watch the Phils put the beat down on the Brewers. My throat’s a little sore from taunting C.C. during Brett Myers’ epic at bats and screaming for Victorino’s grandslam. It was the most exciting baseball game I’ve ever seen, mostly because we were there in person. Tonight, Jamie, Rich, and I (and Willi$ if he makes up his mind) are joining up with Witmer to see Damien Jurado in the Unitarian chapel. Should be exciting. It’s been a far too long since I’ve seen Damien play. It’s show season in a big way. I’m planning to see The New Year play next week followed by Jimmy Dale Gilmore in Chicago at the Old Town School of Folk Music. See you for the rock.

A very nearly finished version of Bosque Brown’s Baby has been delivered. Some final tweaks will happen shortly and hopefully swiftly right before mastering. It’s gestated a little longer than a human baby and we’re all anxious to give this thing a proper birth. Artwork is underway handled by very able friends Sean and Melissa up in the NYC.
Byul’s master was sent from South Korea and in the middle of a little postal service limbo. I send a lot of packages by the USPS and am actually a huge fan of all that they do, I feel much better taken care of with them in general (such as Fed-Ex somehow “destroying” a box of 160 cds last week–and what does that even mean–fire, flooding, acid bath, locusts??). Anyhow, the btv p.o. box has been relocated from the very historic 30th Street Station office to a new one nearby at 31st and Chestnut. Somehow, all of the Express Mail didn’t make it. There’s a very kind woman who works the service window many a late night and she was there to try and help me out, but couldn’t find it either. So, bureaucracy is squashing the byul release so far. It’s been quite some time that we’ve been anxiously waiting and were never quite sure that the nearing day would ever arrive. Very exciting news for sure, if we can actually get that package found.
I’m back from a little jaunt up to Vermont for a wedding. Congratulations Mike and Tara. We stopped for burgers a few times including the famous White Manna in Hackensack, NJ, Shady Glen in Manchester, CT and the Sycamore in Bethel, CT, though I still think Charlie’s in Delaware county near Philadelphia is one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Really glad to find some super delicious Cider Doughnuts at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, VT and some great cheddar cheese from Shelburne Farms and Grafton.
My good friend Jamie is coming up to visit on Wednesday. We’ll be at Stereolab Wednesday night at the Troc, she’ll be at Fleet Foxes on Thurs while I head to the Phils/Brewers playoff game (go Phils!) and then Ben’s bachelor party, and Friday to see Damien Jurado at the Unitarian’s chapel. Should be a full week of the rock leading up to the very important Ben Volta (and Elise too) wedding on Saturday. Much congratulations to the both of you.

There’s lots of activity in the btv hq to get some record artwork details finalized. The complete Starflyer 59 Dial M artwork is ready to go to the printers. It looks sharp. The artwork for Denison’s Carry the Weight LP is in progress. We’ve also seen the final cover art for Bosque Brown’s Baby and also heard a couple very final tracks.
By the way, for those fans out there, Denison has done a few covers that are available on his myspace page and are also available on My Old Kentucky Blog. He has a cover of “Champagne Supernova” up at the moment and has also done covers of Bonnie Raitt and Red House Painters songs. Stay tuned to see what other madness he reveals. By the way, for those astute on the internet, Denison Witmer released a digital-only single for “Beautiful Boys and Girls” last Tuesday on itunes and emusic.

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