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Bosque Brown compilation, Unwed Sailor European Tour

Happy Thanksgiving!
Bosque Brown has recorded a version of “Silent Night” for a Christmas compilation called I’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas. The compilation was coordinated by Daniel Gill from Forcefield and air purifier PR and all proceeds will benefit Amnesty International. The compilation will be available digitally beginning on 2 December. Here’s the track list:
1. Au Revoir Simone – Christmastime is Here
2. Le Loup – Shenandoah
3. Figurine – The Holidays Behind Us
4. Sally Shapiro – Anorak Christmas (Piano Mix)
5. Arthur & Yu – My White Elephant
6. My Brightest Diamond – Nature Boy
7. Parenthetical Girls – Festive Friends (Forever)
8. No Kids – Another Winter In a Summer Town
9. Radar Bros. – Baby Jesus
10. Blitzen Trapper – Christmas Is Coming Soon
11. Man of Arms – It’s Christmastime and Everything’s Wrong
12. Au – I’ll Be Home For Christmas
13. The Papercuts – Go Tell It On The Mountain
14. Bosque Brown – Silent Night
15. Turk Dietrich of Belong – Blue Christmas
Unwed Sailor should now be in the UK ready for their European tour. The confirmed dates include:
30 November : Chatham, England. Tap ‘n Tin
1 December : Necastle, England. End Bar
2 December : Glasgow, Scotland. Nice ‘n Sleazys
3 December : London, England. Lexington
4 December : Amsterdam, Netherlands. Paradiso
5 December : Opwijk, Belgium. Nijdrop
7 December : Berlin, Germany. NBI
8 December : Krakow, Poland. Club Re
9 December : Leipzeg, Germany. UT Connewitz
11 December : Dresden, Germany. Beat Pol w/ Murder By Death
12 December : Vienna, Austria. B72 w/ Murder By Death
13 December : Zagreb, Croatia. Teatar & TD
14 December : Milano, Italy. Dauntaun
15 December : Faenza, Italy. Clandestino
18 December : Lausanne, Switzerland. Le Romandie
19 December : Dijon, France. Deep Inside
20 December : Paris, France. La Flèche d’Or w/ High Places
21 December : Haarlem, Netherlands. Patronaat
22 December : Coventry, England. Taylor John’s House

Be sure to see them if you’re in Europe.

Vinyl, Bosque Brown, Erik Enocksson, new RSS feed

This has been an extremely busy time. Especially with the Phillies in the World Series. The city is wild.

We’re off to see White Rainbow play a house party tonight before the game and are super super excited!

Test pressings for Starflyer 59’s Dial M have finally arrived. These have been sent out to all test pressing customers who should be receiving your LPs at the same time as the band. 

Test pressings for Denison Witmer’s Carry the Weight also arrived just after the sf59 ones and were immediately sent out to all test pressing customers.

We’re wrapping up the final tweaks to Bosque Brown’s Baby design and this should be in production by the end of October. The mastering has been completed by Dave Willingham at the Echo Lab in Denton, TX and the record is sounding great. Chris Flemmons’ production is just right. We’re excited to say the least. We’re planning to have a bonus 7″ with the LP version that will feature two songs that Mara recorded in Austin a while back. She amazing played two covers in one take to tape that sounded incredible.

We’ve also received artwork and audio for Erik Enocksson’s Farväl Falkenberg. This will be out in late winter or so. We’re also working on doing some vinyl for it with Kning Disk and will likely be importing or re-pressing copies of Erik’s 7″ (because we haven’t done a 7″ in a while).

For all of you reading this in your RSS reader, you’ve probably grown frustrated by half-coherent titles and weird formating. I’ve been beta testing a new blog software with much better RSS capabilities. You can take a look at the results through the News tab and you should also re-subscribe to this new RSS feed. We’ll be transitioning to the new blog engine over the next few weeks, so consider yourself warned. There are also some plans to transition the shopping cart to a newer engine, hopefully one that is better at calculating actual shipping charges.

We like us some Danielson. btv was involved in the artwork and pressing of the vinyl versions for Tri-Danielson Alpha and Omega. Pitchfork just debuted the video for “Idiot Boksen” that was animated by our old friend Tom Eaton. Take a look.


Unwed Sailor tour dates, Starflyer and Witmer vinyl, Bosque Brown

Unwed Sailor dates have been added for their November US tour and their late November/December European tour.
As you may have noticed from the new splash page, Starflyer 59’s Dial M and Denison Witmer’s Carry the Weight LPs are available for pre-order. Dial M contains a vinyl only bonus track and those who purchased Ghosts of the Future will get a $3 discount. Be sure to select the proper option when checking out. Carry the Weight will include a vinyl only bonus track and a digital download coupon.
Bosque Brown Baby is getting mastered tomorrow at The Echo Lab in Denton. This is slated for a March 2009 release provided all goes well. I’m super excited about this record finally being ready for the world to hear.
The New Year were awesome last night. Matt Pence who recorded Bosque Brown’s Cerro Verde is on tour with them. They also have some really sweet silk-screened posters for sale.
I’m off to Chicago. I’m going to see Jimmy Dale Gilmore on Saturday night and am pretty excited. I’m also taking my parents to Hot Dougs, an essential destination when you are in Chicago.


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