there’s a new review of Denison Witmer’s of joy & sorrow in the new issue of actionattackhelicopter
go see him play live already…
check out an interview with the trouble with sweeney at
some excepts from the trouble’s e-mail update:
“just a reminder that right now, at this very moment, the trouble with sweeney are speeding through the country’s highways and byways to bring some much-needed musical skoal to the heartland. if we’re coming to your town, please check us out.
if we aren’t coming to your town this time around, we have good news: on saturday night, the fine folks at the digital club network will be broadcasting our show at schuba’s in chicago with clem snide and moviola.
if you’d like to see the show in glorious webcast, all you need to do is:
1. get a computer.
2. buy some beers.
3. wait until sat., oct 6, 11pm eastern time
4. go to
5. bon apetit!
meanwhile, the city of detroit eagerly anticipates us. lookee here:
we hear you, brothers and sisters: we are on our way.
the trouble with sweeney”
musical skoal? who writes this stuff anyway? tour dates are posted on this site and here
I haven’t publicly wished Nathan and Norma a congratulations for their engagement and upcoming June wedding. [Little know fact...Nathan and I once ran an ambient label called velvet empire...hope you're sufficiently frightened]

Ester Drang debuted on the CMJ top 200 as #182. pretty good for an up and coming label such as ourselves.
just sent out a new e-mail update. hope you got it. if you feel left out, send an e-mail to btv@burnttoastvinyl.comand ask to be added to the e-mail list. until we get an e-mail form.
go and check out tokyo, my love, a flash mini saga starring our dear friend tim of farquar muckenfuss infamy. there are more things to check out on the site, all programmed by our good friend andy bruntel, who did the burnttoastvinyl re-design.

Denison Witmer is making his way across country. Thanks to everyone who is coming to see him play. More dates are listed on his website and here at For all of those who have ordered Denison’s first cd, Safe Away, by mail or on-line, they have been repressed and mailed out to everyone. Denison also has these cds at his live shows. Ester Drang is making some waves at college radio, last week as the #15 most added in their first week of adds. Several CMJ reporting stations have been playing their record. Call up your favorite station to request their goldenwest album.
The Trouble with Sweeney are embarking on a short mini-tour. For dates, check their website and those dates listed here.
In Philadelphia news, we’re all hoping for a Philadelphia pennant in the NL East and it’s going down to the wire. There’s rejoicing at the win over the Braves tonight. We’ll see…