From Denison Witmer’s update:
“Note the three following shows are added!! Stay posted for a possible Vancouver, BC show in mid-October!
Show 1:
8 October: Denver, CO. The Tollgate. 4200 East Colfax (Corner of Colfax and Denver). with Adam Hostetter this show will most likely be at 7:30pm SHARP. due to neighborhood ordinances, it must be over by 9pm.
Show 2:
21 October: Long Beach, CA. 5th and Cherry. 562-235-6288 with Matt Wignall and Friends , C. Charles Bowden, Robert Deeble
Show 3:
3 November: Harrisonburg, VA. The Little Grille. with Russ Pyle”
Denison’s website has also been updated if you haven’t visited in a while. The site contains an on-going journal of his tour.
several of us will be going to see Sonna and Explosions in the Sky (both on Temporary Residence) tonight in philadelphia. some gybe styled mostly instrumental music that is highly recommended.

some exciting news…btv will be re-releasing Unwed Sailor’s Firecracker ep both on cd and vinyl. the vinyl should be out by the end of the year. meanwhile, work is planned to mix the recorded Circle of Birds material for release in the wintertime.
new swag in the online store that’s pretty hot: low : Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me(chairkickers union) cd single, $6ppd. the lassie foundation : el dorado (anisette/parasol), $12ppd. am/fm : getting into sinking (polyvinyl), $11ppd. julie doiron : desormais (jagjaguwar), $11ppd. scout niblett : sweet heart fever (secretly canadian), $11ppd. piano magic : son de mar (4AD), $12ppd. halifax pier – Put Your Gloves On and Wave (temporary residence), $11ppd.
A late happy birthday to my friend scott.

there’s a new review of Denison Witmer’s of joy & sorrow in the new issue of actionattackhelicopter
go see him play live already…
check out an interview with the trouble with sweeney at
some excepts from the trouble’s e-mail update:
“just a reminder that right now, at this very moment, the trouble with sweeney are speeding through the country’s highways and byways to bring some much-needed musical skoal to the heartland. if we’re coming to your town, please check us out.
if we aren’t coming to your town this time around, we have good news: on saturday night, the fine folks at the digital club network will be broadcasting our show at schuba’s in chicago with clem snide and moviola.
if you’d like to see the show in glorious webcast, all you need to do is:
1. get a computer.
2. buy some beers.
3. wait until sat., oct 6, 11pm eastern time
4. go to
5. bon apetit!
meanwhile, the city of detroit eagerly anticipates us. lookee here:
we hear you, brothers and sisters: we are on our way.
the trouble with sweeney”
musical skoal? who writes this stuff anyway? tour dates are posted on this site and here
I haven’t publicly wished Nathan and Norma a congratulations for their engagement and upcoming June wedding. [Little know fact...Nathan and I once ran an ambient label called velvet empire...hope you're sufficiently frightened]