I keep forgetting the very special congratulations to Joey Sweeney and Reyna Howkins who were married in February at their engagement party. More news from the Trouble with Sweeney front:
Members of The Trouble With Sweeney performing as… The Trouble With Sweeney opening for CLEM SNIDE 8:30pm at THE FIRE
NOTE: buy advance tickets here, as the venue is predicting a sold-out show: http://www.iourecords.com/thefire
@ the philadelphia bar & grille 412 w. girard ave. philadelphia 267 671 9298
BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, we are pleased to report the existence of THE TROUBLE WITH SWEENEY PLAY KAREN AND OTHERS, a new seven-song mini-LP from the band. Recorded over three days in February with producer Ray Ketchem (Elk City, The Mendoza Line, Original Sins), the new EP is both a preview of the next TWS full-length (due next fall), but also, we are proud to admit, the debut release on Basement-Life Records, the newly hatched record division from the online magazine of the same name. (http://www.basement-life.com) It’s also the most polished thing the band has ever done, basically a big wave bye-bye to any indie-rock convention the band was still foolishly holding. We are super psyched, and in the current rock band parlance, “like, totally going for it.” The record will be out in mid-April, and the track listing is as follows:
Most of It’s Mine
Lovers Get Results
Come Home
Oh! It’s Mortifying!
Waiting For Gary
The Only Living Boy In New York
The band previews PLAY KAREN AND OTHERS on a string of east coast dates with True Love Always at the end of March before Joey Sweeney (hi!) embarks on a 30-date coast-to-coast solo tour in April and May, aided and abetted by the one and only Bill Ricchini, whose ORDINARY TIME lp will finally be properly issued on Red Square/555.
Which brings us to the next bit of news: After alienating everyone they could in an effort to keep up some sort of self-righteous DIY facade, The Trouble With Sweeney have finally scored themselves some significantly more able representation. Here’s the deal: From now on, the fabulous Carrie Klein of New York City is the band’s Puffy-like svengali manager and the band is being booked by none other than the patient and thorough James Tritten at Candy Gram Booking. If you’d like us to come to your town, then
by all means, email this man right away: james@candygrambooking.com. We are happy to serve you, and we will stop at nothing to entertain you. (It also might not be a bad idea to check out all the other great acts James books here: http://www.candygrambooking.com.) As for record and tour press, we are delighted to let you know that’s being handled by Tag Team Media out of New York City as well. And lastly, we just recieved word that Burnt Toast Vinyl will be re-pressing the temporarily out-of-print DEAR LIFE any day now, in a much less offensive color scheme. More details on dates, release parties and even super-secret mp3 zones are surely to follow.
That’s all for now!
Stay Well,
The Trouble

that’s the good word.

Happy birthday Johnny Cash!

Added two dates for The Trouble with Sweeney at the end of March, the 27th at Yale University and the 31st at The Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA.
Damien Jurado LPs are selling out fast. The second (and final) pressing is nearly gone. Make sure you get yours soon.

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