greetings on the ’02 folks. some groundbreaking news that is actually old news…joey from the trouble with sweeney proposed to his fine girlfriend reyna and she accepted, so they’re engaged. big congratulations to them. thanks to everyone who came out to see the big trouble with sweeney new year’s show and those who came to see denison witmer and don peris in lancaster. props to anyone who stayed for reels of white. for that show, zoetropolis and the lancaster music collective got a lot of much needed cash and will be able to keep doing shows. this is definitely one cool lancaster venue for music and apparently they have simpsons trivia on sunday nights. sounds hot. thanks especially to mike and the lmc.
last night i saw the royal tenenbaums for the second time. this movie is just amazingly witty. you must go see it. gene hackman is unbelievable in his role and owen wilson is soooooo funny.
wildcats? wildcats…

Tonight, Reels of White Softly Flow will be playing the 10pm show at The Fire with Tabloid Nation and Up Up Down Down. Thanks to everyone who came out to see Denison and Reels play in Lancaster last night.
In one-sided LP news, the next two tentative releases will be AM/FM and Early Day Miners, provided that the recording and artwork takes places as planned.

Hope your holidays are well. I’m visiting in Indiana where there is just a little bit of snow on the ground. I was in Chicago yesterday to see J.D. from Scientific, Chris and Trevor from The Blamed, and Jan and Sarah from Glorybox who were visiting from Copenhagen.
More show news:
28 December : Lancaster, PA. Denison Witmer, Don Peris, Reels of White Softly Flow, The Drops. Zoetropolis, 235 W. Lemon St. All Ages, 8pm.
29 December : Brooklyn, NY. The Trouble With Sweeney at Galapagos Art Space, 70 N 6th Street & Wythe with Jerkwater and Metropolitan.
29 December : Philadelphia, PA. Reels of White Softly Flow at The Fire, 412 W. Gerard Ave. 267.671.9298.
31 December : Philadelphia, PA. The Trouble WIth Sweeney at The Fire with Stereofield and Naked Omaha.
There are a few important additions to the on-line store: the Mark Kozelek Christmas cd (limited edition on SubPop) and the new Dashboard Confessional cdep on Vagrant.