Denison and I were all decked out for the Philadelphia City Paper Music Awards. Unfortunately, he didn’t win, but we still had a lot of fun being there.
I got some super swank screen printed posters for Ester Drang to use for their late Spring and Summer dates. Look for the band and the posters to roll into your town. Hopefully we’ll have some touring details soon.
I’m listening to a lot of Denison’s March tour recordings today. The plan is to select the best recordings and have Douglas Witmer compile the songs and do some artwork for a special cd that will be available only at live shows, not even through the on-line store. Hopefully this should come together for a late June/early July release. Denison’s River Bends album will soon be re-issued through btv. Our friend Andy is working on the design; he’s the mastermind behind the current website and a few of the btv releases.
Mirah : Advisory Committee (K Recs) is blowing me away by its brilliance. Think Cat Power, but with a more intimate and experimental approach.

Tonight is the night for the Philadelphia City Paper Music Awards. Denison and I will be in attendance in our formal attire to find out how he fares for his nomination as Best Folk Performer/Group. If we finish in time, I might take life into my own hands and check out the Locust who are playing at the First Unitarian Church tonight.
Circle of Birds artwork is underway. Oakland artist Jamie Hunt will be doing drawings for the release, his work was featured in Little Engines #2 (an excellent magazine that I highly recommend). Final mixing will happen after Johnathon, Casey, and Dave are all back from the Pedro the Lion/Damien Jurado/T.W. Walsh tour.

Denison Witmer is now opening for The Church next Tuesday, 23 April, at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. Awesome! Hope to see you there.
I am choking in indie rock fantasy baseball, down to 6th place, bringing shame to the btv name. Some interesting news about David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar making friends again. And I thought stuff like that only happened on VH1 these days.
Soul Junk 1957 LPs are now available on-line. Don’t forget the new Pedro the Lion Control specials. The first few orders will get a free poster. hey hey. Some new releases have also been added to the on-line store, including a Jade Tree compilation with unreleased tracks from Jets to Brazil, Pedro, and others.