Joey Sweeney : Long Hair

Our longtime good friend, J. Edward Keyes, has premiered the very excellent album from our other longtime good friend, Joey Sweeney, over at eMusic. Head here and stream Joey Sweeney’s album Long Hair. Take some time, get a beverage, grab a friend, take a load off, and have a listen. If you’re inclined, buy a copy from La Société Expéditionnaire, digitally or analog on LP (my LP is now on order!). I’m happy to hear him writing songs again. All the best, Mr. Sweeney!


Denison Witmer

Our good friend Denison Witmer is on tour and will be stopping in Philadelphia this Saturday to play the Side Chapel at the First Unitarian Church. It’s a beautiful and intimate venue, making for a highly recommended experience. Get your tickets here.

Here’s a video from Denison’s self-titled latest release on Asthmatic Kitty:

Older releases on cd and vinyl are still available through the Burnt Toast Vinyl on-line store.

A Lily “The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree” Video

James from yndi halda also performs as A Lily. The new ep from A Lily is out on 04 November on Love Thy Neighbour in the UK and Aagoo in the US.