One of the not-so-obvious amazing things about having Foxhole on Burnt Toast Vinyl is that there are some amazing designers/programmers in the band. Have you seen the Foxhole artwork? Or the Anathallo album that Greg designed? Greg has been working on some programming behind the scenes over the past few days and we’re hoping to unveil some new features to the online store shortly. We’ve also been talking about a website facelift since we haven’t changed the design in several years.
Unwed Sailor are starting there May tour tomorrow in Des Moines, Iowa (which always makes me think of that Dead Milkmen song…but that’s off topic), so go see them play. They’ve been practicing and are ready to rock. There are also some new dates for June that will be on the website soon.
Questions in Dialect is heading to the west coast for some shows. We’ll have updated dates soon and they’re also on their myspace page. If you live in the LA area, KCRW has been giving The Ghost Wishes to Speak some airplay on the show “New Ground!”

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