I just got back from seeing The Good Life play in Philadelphia with Azure Rays. A very excellent show. The Good Life will be doing a one-sided LP one of these days, as soon as they get a chance to work on it.
Johnathon from Unwed Sailor send out an e-mail update this evening. Here is some information about some of the new releases (the Firecracker cdep will be in stores in April):
the latest unwed sailor release, “the magic hedge” 7″ is near completion now. the artwork and mastering will be completed by the end of february. we should have them available in the next couple of months. it will be available on the swiss label tricycle-evolutif. you will be able to order them from me as well.
“the marionette and the music box”(unwed sailor’s side project)will be released by sounds familyre, which is run by dan smith from the danielson famile. the recording is finished, so at this point we are working on mastering and artwork. our plan is to have extensive storybook style artwork, so this one will take a little time.

That’s all the excitement for now.

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