in label news, the unwed sailor “firecracker” 7″ are set to ship from europe on the 21st. i will add this to the on-line ordering section shortly and will be sending the orders out soon after i return from scandinavia. the 7″ is on special extra thick 70g red vinyl, so it will be an important release to have on vinyl.
i was back to norway this weekend and met up with emil, sondre, and asle. asle has an indie rock band called pooh the pendrulian and sondre used to play in the band as well. they are both members of eurotrash inc. which was unable to schedule a show for this past weekend. perhaps this coming weekend. marcus from the lionheart bros. was visiting from trondheim on friday and i saw him for a few minutes before his train left for home. i will be going to umea, sweden and trondheim, norway over thanksgiving. both are cities near the arctic circle. I’m getting ready for the cold.
emil was busy being a rock star, and everyone else was working on exams for school, so i was on my own during the days. i visited a bunch of museums and saw the sights. i went to the edvard munch museum and saw many of his paintings and prints, including the very famous “the scream.” i also went to an architecture museum, the viking ship museum, and an outdoor museum with relocated buildings from old towns in norway. some buildings were 800 years old. it was fun to be a tourist, especially to learn more about the vikings. at night, it was great hanging out, talking, and meeting more kind norwegians.

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