I’m home sick for the third day in a row. We’re trying to finalize the artwork for the Saxon Shore cdep in the meantime.
I’m hoping to be able to see Low with Pedro the Lion on Wednesday, but we’ll see how it goes.
The Mt. Eerie 3xLP was the 10th best seller at insound.com last week. Thanks to everyone who is buying this, Mikael, Washington Inc, and I are very grateful.
I forgot to talk a little about some really bizarre drinks I got in Singapore. Pepsi was marketing Pepsi Fire (cinammon) and Pepsi Ice (mint) and these have to be some of the worst tasting things that you can put into your mouth that don’t involve a dare. Justin and Sanna also got me some green tea flavored Kit Kats and some strawberry flavored ones, but I haven’t tried either. We were sampling the various flavors of potato chips which included grilled chicken (nasty), grilled lobster (kind of strange), swiss cheese (tasty, but a little weird), and chili (very good, hot and spicy, but also sweet).

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