in distro news, the damien jurado one-sided LP, “four songs,” and the unwed sailor re-issue of firecracker on 7″ and cd will both be distributed by the kind folks at secretly canadian. these releases will be widely available in the late january, early february time frame. the damien LP is available now through burnt toast vinyl and on the current damien tour. the unwed sailor 7″ will be available direct at the beginning of december or so. don’t forget to see damien and rosie rock the house in bryn mawr, pa this thursday. it’s a shame i cannot be there.
this weekend, i went to stockholm to meet up with krister and simon from soapbox/skapet. white trash inc. (orchestra) will be releasing a special limited edition split 10″ picture disc with skapet sometime this winter. the trashys have to get their act together with recording. saturday was spent walking around shops, mostly record shops, of course. simon left us because he was meeting up with friends before going to india in the morning. i was insanely jealous because i was supposed to go to india and meet up with him and some other friends, but my ticket was on swissair and no longer good. so this is why i am in scandinavia. in any case, krister and i found flyers for a show and i just couldn’t pass it up. we went to the university later that night to see atom and his package. now, adam (of atom) is from philadelphia and works for file 13 records. I’ve wanted to see him/them play on countless occasions, but had never actually gone for many varied reasons. it was a crazy good time and the show lasted until about 3am. it was really funny to watch swedish people slightly unfamiliar with his sarcastic type of humor and best cellulite cream.
the spoils of my record shopping include the new album from swedish singer stina nordenstam. I’ve been a fan ever since last summer when one of her records was recommended to me. she’s difficult to find in the US, but highly recommended if you are able. i bought a few other swedish albums that are unavailable in the US and am excited to see what they are like.
this morning, i taught an american about the exciting wonder of caviar in a metal tube, a swedish specialty that must be tried. it’s nothing fancy, though it seems that way. one of my favorite parts of traveling is finding different foods, especially different packages and different kinds of candy/chocolate. be warned, scandinavian licorice is entirely disgusting. i think you must learn how to eat this from birth.
i forgot to tell the world that my mother was selected as health educator of the year in the US. I’m proud of my mom.

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