I went to see a symposium on Howard Finster at Lehigh University on Friday which featured a lot of annoying insider self-appreciation from professors and gallery owners, but enough of Howard to make it tolerable. A documentary in the rough was unveiled, featuring his last interview before he died and a spot on the Tonight Show, showing this man of Visions at his best. There are 3 spots at the University showing off a wide variety of his work. If you’re in the area at all, be sure to stop by.
Joey Sweeney and pals are up to some new trouble at this new website, Phiebrity. Jess, Willis, and I saw Old Canes rock out in the Unitarian Church Basement last night to a small crowd, but a soundsystem to accomodate 500. Chris from Appleseed Cast delivers the good with the live set and on the album Early Morning Hymns.
Saxon Shore are finishing up The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore and readying a re-issue of their Be A Bright Blue debut. More on release dates once they’re known.
Sufjan Stevens is playing at the Philadelphia Ethical Society this Thursday and is on tour, be sure to see him and wave to Denison Witmer who’s playing in his band. Starflyer 59 will be playing in Philadelphia on Saturday with Pedro the Lion and I’m hoping their one-sided LP will be done in time. Test pressings were wrong and had to be re-done, I’m hoping the new set is at my house today.
Also, for those interested in Damien Jurado’s This Fabulous Century on white vinyl, these are nearly gone from btv and will soon be sent out as black vinyl. Ya snooze, ya lose. The record still sounds great no matter what color the vinyl is.

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