Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I’ll change the splash page as soon as I get some new photos.
I got back from the cross country road trip today after dropping Jess off in Jersey City. It was such a fun time. Thanks to our friends that we got to see along the way, especially Brian and Carolyn for putting us up in Austin and for Jamie and Matthew for showing us the proper way to eat crawdads in Jackson. We ended up driving over 4,000 miles on the trip and got to see quite a lot of things I’d never seen before. New Orleans was a bit of a letdown, but Jackson made up for it. Austin was great, just how I’d remembered it being. Memphis wasn’t all that great, but the tour of Sun Studio made me feel close to the history of rock and roll, even though there was too much of a focus on Elvis and not enough on Johnny Cash for my liking. In Kentucky, we stopped off at the monestary where Thomas Merton lived and is buried and bought some of the Trappist made cheese and bourbon fudge. In West Virginia, we visited some very large and very weird Hindu community that seemed completely out of place and very different from other temples we’d visited in Southeast Asia. Not sure what that was all about.
The Dodgers seem to be doing a lot better than anyone expected, including me. It’s looking very good this season if everything continues to fall into place. I sank a bit in the btv fantasy baseball league. I’ll blame it on not being able to log in to tweak my lineups every day.
All of the artwork is now done for the Mount Eerie live 3xLP set. Should be getting off to the printer shortly.
If you’re in the UK, go see Denison Witmer play when he’s in your town…

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