I am excited to read about Nomo’s four hitter as the Dodgers opened up their season with a big 8-0 victory. And Nomo’s on one of my fantasy baseball teams, so that helped a lot.
Randall (of Tidal Wave Magazine and Jetenderpaul) sent me a special tour promo DVD with the new Sigur Ros video from the first untitled track on their ( ) album. I haven’t seen such a beautiful and haunting video in recent memory. Elementary school children are getting ready for recess as their teacher makes sure that they are ready to go. Then, they leave the building in their gas masks as they enter a sort of apocalyptic chemical wasteland to play. All with the ethereal, dreamlike music playing.
It’s looking like there will be a double 10″ version of Starflyer 59’s new album “Old” (with extra tracks) out on btv in the US…

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