i have officially returned to philadelphia. we made it to the texas chili parlor in time to fill our bellies with a hot lunch before saying goodbye to brian and carolyn and making our way to dallas. since we had all gotten so little sleep, the van was a bit quieter on the drive, but the band was ready for their last night of rock with pedro and seldom. before the show, we all went with trey and seldom to have some sushi. trees is in the deep ellum district of dallas and it was ester drang’s third performance in the club. the sound in the club was probably the best of the three shows and the drang played a spectacularly sounding set. seldom’s songs have been finding their way into my head, so it was great to see them and pedro for one final night. pedro has been playing several new songs on this tour, so it wasn’t monotonous to see songs over and over since they were much less familiar. dave has popularized a bit of question and answering with the crowd and dallas was by far the harshest crowd in the questioning phase. i think the band was actually relieved to finish their set and leave. we all said our goodbyes and ester drang and i headed for tulsa. we arrived in the early hours of the morning. after some brief sleep, we went to the famous frank’s drive in for lunch and kyle and i went to some thrift shops and the ever popular tulsa pawn shops. kyle found a good deal on a bass and couldn’t pass it up. we all met to unload the trailer from the tour and head out for some food. it was a good solid day in tulsa and i was happy to have had the opportunity to go.
the plane ride home included a harsh unexpected delay in chicago, too unexpected to meet up with chicagoans scientific, but long enough for me to finish paddy clarke ha ha ha by rodney doyle, my third novel in a week and a half. other reads have included postcards from the dead and girlfriend in a coma by douglas coupland. my trip concluded as i exhausted the current issue of sound collector and the plane landed in philadelphia.
it’s nice to be back home.

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