Willis and I just got back from seeing Adaptation, which proved to be as strange as we expected. The movie pretty much derails at the ending, which somehow is the odd twist that works. Last night, my friend Nicole and I saw 25th Hour, the new Spike Lee movie, in NYC. It actually turned out to be the proper location for the movie, since we were only able to get tickets at the theatre across from the WTC site. That area/scenery factors into the movie, but is only a minor part of the plot. Edward Norton is definitely one of my favorite actors and does not disappoint. I’m also quite a fan of Spike Lee and he also delivers. It’s rare that I would see 2 movies in a row, let alone two movies this good.
In music news, Daniel Smith does have plans to make his one-sided LP recording very soon. He is intending to do it live, in just one take. We are also planning to feature the illustrations that were done for the Danielson Famile debut, A Prayer for Every Hour, and they will be an actual sized booklet to accompany the record.
The Trouble with Sweeney will master their record on Monday and I will stop by to pay the bill, say hello, and see how things are turning out.
The artwork for All American Radio’s Fragments Of is nearly complete, but I have to make some minor adjustments and corrections in Illustrator before everything is sent out. Always a perfectionist…
I’ve also been e-mailing Al from The Six Parts Seven about their one-sided LP. The material has been recorded for a few months and their artist friend just finished the cover artwork. She’ll be working on the etching very soon, as soon as she gets a blank lacquer. We’re hoping this will be able to be available from the band and website in early March.
Tentatively, there will be a Burnt Toast Vinyl/Candy Gram Booking showcase in Austin, TX for SXSW on 12 March. I’ll get to see my good friends Brian and Carolyn and taste some of the chili at the Texas Chili Parlor. Plus, I’ll get to see lots of great bands. Official details will be made soon.

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