Denison Witmer, Unwed Sailor, Circle of Birds, and Ester Drang have all been accepted to play at South by Southwest 2003. More details about the actual dates and times will be posted as soon as they are available.
I was in Malaysia this past weekend, with my friends Justin and Sanna, visiting an historical town Melaka, which was originally settled by the Portuguese in the 15th and 16th centuries. Night markets are always entertaining in southeast asia where dozens of vendors sell all kinds of things on the street and huge crowds of locals and the occassional tourist go shopping.
I just talked to Denison and the touring seems to be going well with the full band. Be sure to catch them play one of their remaining shows as they tour with Tracy Shedd. There are a lot of articles and reviews for Denison and Philadelphia Songs in the works and hitting newstands. 24 Turned 25 will be on the CMJ New Music Monthly sampler in the upcoming issue and there will be an article in the next issue of Harp. There was also a very favorable review in the issue of Big Takeover that just came out.
Unwed Sailor and Ester Drang are touring in March together and have a few dates set. If you are interested in setting up a show, feel free to contact Johnathon from Unwed Sailor. E-mail me if you need that information.

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