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Williams Shift (and Twitter)

We’re heading off on Monday to master the Williams Shift album currently titled We Were Wonderers. After everything is finalized, we’ll be cutting lacquers and starting to press the vinyl. So hopefully the vinyl will be ready right around the spring.

If you happen to be all into Twitter, I sent a tweet from the registered, but long-dormant @burnttoastvinyl account. Feel free to follow and hopefully there will be more happening in that space.


Erik Enocksson : “The Joy of D. H. Lawrence” and “The Lingering Procession”

Erik Enocksson and friends play both “The Joy of D. H. Lawrence” and “The Lingering Procession (aka The Slow Walk Towards Death)” from the Farväl Falkenberg soundtrack.

(with IDIOT KID and the CARL JOHANKYRKANS VOKALENSEMBLE at BERG 211, Göteborg, Sweden on 25th of May, 2007, Photography: Jesper Ganslandt and Production: Johan Bjerkner, via YouTube courtesy of Kning Disk)

Damien Jurado

The new Damien Jurado album, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, is streaming at NPR. Go take a listen.


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