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There’s a new review of Denison Witmer’s of joy & sorrow up at and an interview with Denison at
Ester Drang is #130 on the CMJ charts, their fourth week in the CMJ Top 200, with several new stations putting the record into rotation.

Yesterday, the Rev. Howard Finster died at age 84. Finster was an incredible folk artist whose Paradise Gardens was chock full of his outsider art. He had designed album covers for the Talking Heads and R.E.M., as well as showing his work in many prominent galleries and releasing many odd folk gospel recordings. His visionary work has inspired and motivated many. Fare thee well.

Denison Witmer has added an additional show. On 31 October, he will be playing at The Muse in Nashville, TN. Those kind folks in TN will get their day in the sun.
Vinyl for Unwed Sailor’s Firecracker ep is underway. We’re expecting these in November, perhaps in time for their tour. Johnathon will be with Damien Jurado for that November tour, so hopefully some vinyl will be available.
Friday night, Joey Sweeney played with Brother Danielson (in the tree and with the Famile) and the amazing Flashpapr. Last night, Cursive gave an amazing performance to wrap up the touring Omaha show with Los Desaparecidos, Sorry About Dresden, and the White Octave.
For the on-line store, several new titles are available for order that are arriving on Tuesday: new A Silver Mt. Zion, Hey Mercedes, Alan Sparhawk/ Bailiff split 7″, Sorry About Dresden, and Stars of the Lid, among others.