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Burnt Toast Vinyl will be closing on 20 December until 28 December. All orders for btv products will be shipped by the 20th in time for any Christmas orders, priority mail shipping is available for free on orders of 3 or more cds or for an additional fee for any other orders (just e-mail). Additionally, all orders over $30 will receive a free copy of Little Engines #2 (my treat) with their order, the fine journal of short stories released by our good friends at TNI Books.

Denison Witmer will begin recording songs for his next release, Philadelphia Songs, in February in Philadelphia with Scott French who previously recorded the bonus tracks for the re-release of Safe Away. Denison will also be recording with Don and Karen Peris of the Innocence Mission for a Christmas album to be released in the fall of 2002. Denison will tour extensively in March with Six Parts Seven (Suicide Squeeze), so everyone outside of the Philadelphia/Lancaster area, look for those dates to be announced soon.

Thanks for everyone who came out to see Ester Drang with Starflyer 59 on their tour through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas in November. The Drang will be touring on the West Coast in March with Starflyer. Make sure your local CMJ station is playing goldenwest, if they’re not already. Ester Drang will be releasing a 7″ single on Belgium’s Zeal records in the upcoming months. Zeal has released 7″ for Early Day Miners, Rothko, Hopewell, and Sybarite and has upcoming 7″ set for Sonna, Explosions in the Sky, and Unwed Sailor. Ester Drang will also be preparing material to a follow up full-length to be recorded sometime during the late summer/early autumn. There are plans underway for a summer European tour if everything works out properly. More details when they’re available.

Burnt Toast Vinyl has released Unwed Sailor’s debut ep, “Firecracker,” as an extra thick red 7″. It’s available direct now and in stores in February through Secretly Canadian. Firecracker has been co-released in Europe by Milk & Honey (for Scandinavia) and Gentlemen Records (for Switzerland and the European continent), with additional distribution in the UK through Zeal Records. This is one of my favorite records and I am very excited to help make this a more international release. Burnt Toast Vinyl will also release Firecracker on cd in special Digipak packaging in early 2002. The cd will also be co-released internationally to make it very accessible for those in Europe.

Johnathon from Unwed Sailor and James from Ester Drang will be putting the finishing touches on the Circle of Birds ep which is a collaboration between members of Unwed Sailor, Ester Drang, and Lasso. The ep will be released on cd and 7″ in the Spring some time, as soon as everything is ready.

Damien Jurado’s Four Songs LP has been released and all pre-orders have been shipped. The LP ironically includes four songs on the first side, with the reverse being an etching featuring a short story by Adam Voith and artwork from Jeremy Dybash. The LP will be the first in a series of one sided LPs with jackets designed by Jeremy. Four Songs will be available from all fine indie record shops in February thanks to the kind souls at Secretly Canadian.

Additional artists have been confirmed for the one-sided LP series. Current participants include: Yume Bitsu, Neil Halstead (Mojave 3), Brother Danielson, T.W. Walsh, Unwed Sailor, Denison Witmer, Circle of Birds, Early Day Miners, Kind of Like Spitting, Ester Drang, and Brandtson. More details on actual releases will be unveiled over the next few months, but the series will continue on into 2003. Support unique vinyl and quality music by supporting the one sided LP series; vinyl is important to us, which is why it is part of the label name.

I was unable to bring the new Jetenderpaul 7″ “A Casualty Too Serious To Afford” back from Norway, due to some unfortunate circumstances (Frode from Hype City had to work and couldn’t come to Oslo). I’m anxiously checking the mail for their arrival. The six song 7″ features a slight return to the short and quirky style that made Jetenderpaul famous and is released on Burnt Toast Vinyl in the US and Hype City Records in Norway. Pre-orders will be shipped as soon as the vinyl arrives.

The Trouble with Sweeney will be releasing a split 7″ with Swearing At Motorists on Roof Rack Records in 2002. Each band will do a cover of the other band’s material. Look for some late Winter touring to support Dear Life before the band starts to work on material for a follow-up release. If you have nothing to do on New Year’s Eve, be sure to be at The Fire in Philadelphia for a night sure to please.

Members of Scientific have recently been on tour with The Colemans (Velvet Blue Music). The band will return to Seattle in February to finish up recording a full-length with Dave Bazaan (Pedro the Lion). Covers for the re-release of the From the Nest of Idea (10 song version) have finally arrived.

I’d like to give a fond farewell to our good friend at Absolom Records who has officially closed shop and to Austin’s Silver Scooter, one of my very favorite bands who are playing their last shows this weekend (live bootlegs please, anyone!).

i am back from my wanderings in scandinavia. for all who are wondering, all orders have been shipped out yesterday and today, including many backorders for psalters.
my last few days in scandinavia were amazing. i was in umea, sweden visiting friends who are in skapet and soapbox. umea is the epicenter of scandinavian emo-core and the home of the legendary band refused. i was there for almost 2 days and then spent 12 hours riding on buses and trains to get to trondheim, norway. before leaving, i saw a special concert arranged by krister who is a music teacher for 7th/8th grade in umea. the music classes form rock bands and teach the students songs. several of these bands played. you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen 13/14 year olds play the hits from metallica, dio, and helloween. and you thought metal was dead. got an amazing record from umea’s the female anchor of sade. oh yeah, that’s the stuff. some of the members are in the screamo insane band asterisk on three one g.
trondheim is home to my friend rolf who contributed a track to a velvet empire records (r.i.p.) comp a few years back. the kind folks from the lionheart bros. also live there. marcus (lionheart), rolf, rolf’s broter auden (also in lionheart), and i went to see the fjords for a few days. you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen some fjords. beautiful sharp mountains jutting out from the land near the water. unbelievable. this was really a highlight of the trip. thanks to rolf for hosting me and to the lionhearts for helping to entertain me. thanks to the magical candies that are home to sweden and norway.

in label news, the unwed sailor “firecracker” 7″ are set to ship from europe on the 21st. i will add this to the on-line ordering section shortly and will be sending the orders out soon after i return from scandinavia. the 7″ is on special extra thick 70g red vinyl, so it will be an important release to have on vinyl.
i was back to norway this weekend and met up with emil, sondre, and asle. asle has an indie rock band called pooh the pendrulian and sondre used to play in the band as well. they are both members of eurotrash inc. which was unable to schedule a show for this past weekend. perhaps this coming weekend. marcus from the lionheart bros. was visiting from trondheim on friday and i saw him for a few minutes before his train left for home. i will be going to umea, sweden and trondheim, norway over thanksgiving. both are cities near the arctic circle. I’m getting ready for the cold.
emil was busy being a rock star, and everyone else was working on exams for school, so i was on my own during the days. i visited a bunch of museums and saw the sights. i went to the edvard munch museum and saw many of his paintings and prints, including the very famous “the scream.” i also went to an architecture museum, the viking ship museum, and an outdoor museum with relocated buildings from old towns in norway. some buildings were 800 years old. it was fun to be a tourist, especially to learn more about the vikings. at night, it was great hanging out, talking, and meeting more kind norwegians.