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Ester Drang will release a 7″ on Belgian vinyl label Zeal Records in the coming months. Zeal has released 7″ from Early Day Miners, Rothko, Hopewell, and Sybarite. Future 7″ include Explosions in the Sky, Sonna, and Unwed Sailor.
Denison Witmer continues to tour in support of of joy & sorrow. Thanks to all of the fans who have been coming to the shows. Denison recently played two shows in Oklahoma with Ester Drang and is making his way across the south and then back up the east coast.
Damien Jurado’s “four songs” one-sided LP has shipped from the factory and is expected to arrive this week. Damien will have the LPs on tour with him in November and will be performing at Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia on 15 November.
Jetenderpaul’s “Too Serious To Afford” 7″ is in Norway. I will be picking them up and bringing them to the US the second week in November. Mail orders will be filled until Friday 2 November and then not again until 19 November. Jetenderpaul 7″ will be sent on the 19th.
Unwed Sailor’s “Firecracker” is being pressed on vinyl and will be distributed in Switzerland, Belgium, UK, and Scandanavia. Look for it in late November/early December in Europe. The band will be on tour in late October and early November, including a stop in Philadelphia on 6 November.
Friday, I saw my good friend Jeff Cloud perform as Pony Express in Lititz, PA. My parents experienced the excitement of meeting the legendary Cloud. He is on tour with Dennison Marrs who are on his Velvet Blue Music label.

There’s a new review of Denison Witmer’s of joy & sorrow up at and an interview with Denison at
Ester Drang is #130 on the CMJ charts, their fourth week in the CMJ Top 200, with several new stations putting the record into rotation.

Yesterday, the Rev. Howard Finster died at age 84. Finster was an incredible folk artist whose Paradise Gardens was chock full of his outsider art. He had designed album covers for the Talking Heads and R.E.M., as well as showing his work in many prominent galleries and releasing many odd folk gospel recordings. His visionary work has inspired and motivated many. Fare thee well.