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Last night, I was in NYC to see Early Day Miners and Songs:Ohia play the Knitting Factory. Early Day Miners opened, playing songs from their forthcoming record, Let Us Garlands Bring, and their first full-length, Placer Found. Definitely a great set. Early Day Miners will be releasing a one-sided LP as part of the btv series sometime during this year. Jason Molina played solo as the Songs:Ohia set, which was very enjoyable, better than the full-band set I had seen last summer.
Denison is in the recording studio today adding in some additional piano parts for Philadelphia Songs. Incidentally, this will be the first Burnt Toast Vinyl full-length to appear on vinyl, which makes us all very excited.
The master for the Reels of White Softly Flow live LP is being sent off tomorrow and cover art design is underway. The master for a White Trash Inc. (Orchestra) 7″ for Norway’s Milk & Honey records has been sent off, as well.
I’ll be adding Soul-Junk’s 1957 LP to the on-line store by the weekend. 1957 is a more hip hop oriented release from this difficult to categorize, often lo-fi indie rock, sometimes hip hop band. The vinyl sounds smooth and sweet and is packaged in recovered LP jackets with strange collage artwork overlaid.
I’m working on an article for Sound Collector, one of my favorite music magazines, about Goblin, an Italian instrumental band who composed soundtracks for Dario Argento horror flicks in the ’70s. Ethan of Reels of White and I have been getting more involved in this sort of prog rock/experimental band. For fun, go check out the goblin fansite. Tonight, as part of the research, we will be watching the Suspiria DVD, arguably the pinnacle of Goblin musical expertise.
Have I ever mentioned how much I like the Destroyer album Streethawk : A Seduction?
I’ll be going to Boston tomorrow for the weekend as a little farewell trip to my good friend Scott who will be getting married at the end of the month. Maybe you’ll see us wreaking havoc throughout the city.

Huntingtons meet Ozzy, check it out here.
Apparently Denison has been recording piano parts for Philadelphia Songs in swank hotels downtown, using a rogue technique involving a mini disc recorder and the assumption that he and our friend Devin really do belong there playing the piano. So, the next time you’re having your coffee and/or martini in the Four Seaons or Ritz Carlton or wherever, be on the look out for crazed musicians whose record label is too cheap/poor to rent a grand piano.
I updated the on-line store with several new titles, be sure to search around. Check out the deals involving the new releases from Pedro the Lion and Damien Jurado.

Later today, I am adding Pedro the Lion : Control to the on-line store with special packages to get the release at a discounted price with the purchase of specific btv titles. So, check on that. The album is officially released tomorrow and orders will ship out soon after.
This weekend was extremely busy, catching the Phillies home opener after fighting the crazy traffic jams around that stadium due to lack of parking lots and my stupidity to actually drive to the stadium instead of taking the subway. C’est la vie. Later that night, got to see Douglas Witmer’s incredible art opening. If you are in Philadelphia, be sure to stop by the Peng gallery and check out his work. Saturday was a marathon of rock and roll shows. We jetted to NJ to see Half-Handed Cloud, Singing Mechanic, Soul-Junk, and Danielson Famile. Some amazing lo-fi pop/rock brilliance. We left right before the Famile to catch Hayden at the Fire in Philadelphia. Hayden delivered the goods, an extremely long 1h 45m set of new songs and all of the old favorites. Definitely worth the effort to go.
Denison is back in Philadelphia finishing the extra parts for his Philadelphia Songs album. The Six Parts Seven arrive from Kent on Friday to add their instrumental genius and expertise to the record. Final mixes will begin starting next week.

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