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Ring Them Bells “Lose Yourself”

We will release Ring Them Bells’ full-length album No One’s Dead / We’re Just Dressed In Black on cd, cassette, and digital on 24 April 2015. Here’s the debut single “Lose Yourself.” You can also pre-order the album on cd or cassette now.


Williams Shift “The Heads And The Bodies”

Burnt Toast Vinyl is proud to debut a new song from Williams Shift’s forthcoming album We Were Wonderers.

“The Heads And The Bodies” is an energetic track that bridges Matthew Stone’s instrumental work as a member of Saxon Shore, which was also utilized in the initial Williams Shift preview track “Dock Ellis Spirit Animal,” and continues to layer vocals, synths, and strings to the soundscape. Shimmering female vocals, provided by vocalist Jill Purdy, were an essential requirement to Stone’s idea for Williams Shift and serve to balance Stone’s vocals. It borrows a bit of sunshine in the form of Brian Wilson-esque harmonies, linking to the summery scene of Ted Williams remembering his last at bat in Boston. Stephen Roessner’s masterful drumming and production add the final glue which holds the palpable sonic landscape together.

Lyrically, the track introduces the apocryphal story of Williams’ cryonically frozen head. When his blood was exchanged for the cryonic fluids, his severed head was placed on a small metal tuna can to prevent it from being frozen to the case where it was stored. Ultimately, the can froze to the head and proved difficult to remove. Thusly, an opportunistic worker in the facility used a wrench to knock the tuna can off, missing the can on the first strike, and instead bashing the frozen head of Mr. Williams.

Stream the track through the embedded bandcamp link below, pre-order the digital release through the band, pre-order the 2xLP /cassette package, the 2xLP, or cd of We Were Wonderers from btv, and order the We Were Wonderers Instrumentals cassette from our good friends at Flannelgraph Records in Bloomington, IN or directly from btv. The instrumental cassettes are shipping now to all who order separately or the 2xLP/cassette package!


Williams Shift “Dock Ellis Spirit Animal” Premier

Williams Shift has been a long dream for Matthew Stone even while he was touring with Saxon Shore. “Dock Ellis Spirit Animal” represents a touchstone and transitional point from his work as guitarist in Saxon Shore and the more pop elements captured in We Were Wonderers. A track like “Sustained Combustion” from the Saxons’ It Doesn’t Matter was a Stone-penned melody initially conceived as a proto-Wiliiams Shift track. On “Dock Ellis,” Stone’s instrumental pop melody continues on that spectrum with Stephen Roessner’s production mixing in various guitar arrangements to heighten the pure pop energy. Thematically, Dock Ellis’ no-hitter story ranks high in the canon of crazy baseball stories and links back to some of the Ted Williams baseball themes on the album. Stream the track through the embedded bandcamp link below, pre-order the digital release through the band, pre-order the 2xLP /cassette package of We Were Wonderers from btv, and pre-order the We Were Wonderers Instrumentals cassette from our good friends at Flannelgraph Records in Bloomington, IN.


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