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I saw Yume Bitsu play at Brownies in NYC on Wednesday. They had a special performance where the story accompanying their Golden Vessyl of Sound record was read and various segments of the story were acted out. Various characters were dressed as Drystonians and Mothmen. After the show, Adam played me some of the music that they recorded with the Landing for their one-sided LP.
More dates have been confirmed and more details listed for Ester Drang‘s tour that begins on 28 May. Be sure to go out and see them play, especially at Yume Bitsu’s cd release show in Portland on 5 June. My good friend Ethan printed some special silk screened tour posters to help advertise the shows.
Denison Witmer is in this month’s CMJ Monthly. Be sure to check that out. His Philadelphia Songs has been constantly spinning, at least the first mixes have been. You will find some different sounds on this record, as a host of guest musicians, including The Six Part Seven, add their instruments into the mix. There are many ambient sounds that ebb beneath Denison’s voice and guitar melodies. We are starting to work on the final design and layout with the intentions of having the LP version be made avaible at the beginning of July, before the cd version will be available. The re-issue of the River Bends cdep, previously released by our fine friend at Velvet Blue Music, will be available at the beginning of July, along with a special tour only live cd that will feature some unreleased songs, versions, and covers and perhaps some of the stage banter which adds to the endearing quality of Witmer’s live performances.
Jamie Hunt is working on the Circle of Birds artwork. He has been featured in Little Engines #2 and did the artwork for Aspera’s Birds Fly cdep. Johnathon is still planning to have this mixed by the end of the month and the 10″/cdep should be available at Unwed Sailor/Ester Drang shows in early July.
In the one-sided LP series, AM/FM has been writing songs for their release and working on the artwork and design. They will be recording their songs at Lenola‘s home studio. Aspera have two songs recorded and will be working on the remaining two songs later in June. Early Day Miners should also have their songs ready in June as well.
I am gearing up for a busy autumn btv release season; I hope you are, too.

e-mail update:
:::Show Updates:::
All American Radio:::
25 May : Lancaster, PA. Zoetropolis with Sadaharu and Movies with Heroes.
30 May : Lancaster, PA. French Quarter Night Club. 10pm.
Ester Drang:::
28 May : Denton, TX. Rubber Gloves.
29 May : Austin, TX. Emo’s.
30 May : El Paso, TX. Crossroads Coffee House
31 May : Tempe, AZ. The Lucky Dragon.
7 June : Seattle, WA. The Crocodile Cafe
2 July : Tulsa, OK. Curly’s. with Pedro the Lion and Roadside Monument.
The Trouble with Sweeney:::
Joey Sweeney Solo with Bill Riccini
14 May : Salt Lake City, UT : Suite 13.
15 May : Denver, CO. 15th Street Tavern.
16 May : Wichita, KS. Kirby’s Beer Store.
17 May : Columbia, MO. Ragtime.
18 May : Chicago, IL. Schuba’s (Early Show).
19 May : Madison, WI. Catacomb Coffeehouse.
20 May : Detroit, MI. Lager House.
21 May : North Manchester, IN. The Firehouse with Trackstar.
22 May : Lexington, KY. High on Rose.
23 May : Nashville, TN. Springwater.
Denison Witmer:::
16 May : Brooklyn, NY. Lillies with John Vanderslice.
15 May : Philadelphia. Friends Center Meeting House. Peacewalk to Baghdad Benefit.
24 May : Amman, Jordan.
27 May : Syrian Desert. with Evilaxis recording artists the maji.
6 June : Baghdad, Iraq.
27 June : Philadelphia, PA. Doc Watson’s with Nine Digit #.
29 June : Wilmington, OH. Joe’s Java.
2-5 July : Bushnell, IL.
7 July : Bloomington, IN. The Wooden Ear with Mt. Gigantic and Anaphylaxis.
8 July : Chicago, IL.
9 July : Minneapolis, MN.
10 July : Kansas City, MO.
12 July : Denver, CO. Colorado University radio show with the Denver Gentlemen, 12pm.
13 July : Denver, CO. Mercuy Cafe with Denver Gentlemen.
14 July : Colorado Spring, CO.
15 July : Kansas City, MO.
16 July : Louisville, KY.
17 July : Cumberland, MD. John Felton and his soul mobile and John Francis Maher.
::Label News:::
It’s been a while since the last update. There are lots of exciting things happening at the label, so here goes…

Denison Witmer has been finishing the mixes of his third full-length, Philadelphia Songs, with local Philadelphian, Edan Cohen (who recorded the recent Songs: Ohia album). After his tour, Denison recruited The Six Parts Seven to play additional parts to the foundations that were already recorded. The album is set for a fall release on cd/LP and will coincide with a full tour. In June or so, Denison’s first cdep, River Bends, will be re-released on Burnt Toast Vinyl with some new artwork and packaging. More details on the re-issue when everything is finished. Denison is working on plans for June/July touring and should be on the west coast for a few shows with Rosie Thomas.

Burnt Toast Vinyl will be releasing Don Peris’ Ten Silver Slide Trombones to stores in July through Redeye distribution. Look for this release at a store near you then. Don is the guitarist for the innocence mission and has been involved in the production of Denison Witmer’s first two full-length releases. Ten Silver Slide Trombones is an amazing record, self-catagorized as post-Vatican II folk music. It features beautiful melodies in the realm of Neil Young and Nick Drake with Don’s whispy, airy voice accompanying. btv is extremely excited to be a part of this incredible release.

Unwed Sailor’s Firecracker has been pressed as a cdep in a special digipak, as well as on a super thick red 7″. Firecracker is now available in stores. Johnathon Ford is currently on tour with Damien Jurado, T. W. Walsh, and Pedro the Lion. He’s also been writing new songs with Roadside Monument. Circle of Birds (Johnathon Ford with members of Ester Drang and Lasso) is still awaiting final mixing for its release on Burnt Toast Vinyl, but plans are being made, changed, and re-made. After the tour, plans are set for Johnathon and Casey Foubert (Seldom, Pedro the Lion) to mix the album. Soon, very soon, this release will see the light as a cdep and 10″ and is expected to be available directly from the band in July and in stores in September or so.

Ester Drang have been busy practicing up, getting some songs in order, and preparing for some recordings. Their 7″ for Zeal Recordings is still looming in the near future and plans are being made to record a new full-length in the fall or so. The Drang will be taking the West by storm in early June, so look for them if you live in that part of the U.S. Goldenwest will be released in Europe by Gentlemen Records (Switzerland) during the summer. An LP version may accompany this release.

The Trouble with Sweeney has released a cdep, The Trouble with Sweeney Plays Karen and others on Basement Life Records. It will be released to retail stores through Burnt Toast Vinyl and Redeye in the beginning of June. Joey has taken the solo act to the road with friend Bill Riccini coast-to-coast and they are going everywhere. Look for them to bring the rock to a town near you.

Jetenderpaul’s new 7″, A Casualty Too Serious To Afford, finally made it across the Atlantic to the U.S. from Norway. These songs are some amazing indie pop treasures and the vinyl turned out great. This is a co-release with Norway’s Hype City Records. All pre-orders have been shipped; be sure to buy yours now if you haven’t already. Jetenderpaul will release a split cdep with Norway’s Loch Ness Mouse later in 2002 and will also be working on a cdep for btv for release after the split.

All American Radio has not been forgotten. After struggles to find and train various drummers, the band has hit paydirt. Their completed full-length will see the light of day in the fall of 2002. The band will be playing several shows in the area and several shows out of the PA area, as well, as they get back into the swing of things.

The one-sided LP series is slowly lining up. The next releases will be from Yume Bitsu, Early Day Miners, Aspera, Kind of Like Spitting and AM/FM if everything goes according to plan. Additional confirmations include Ester Drang, Unwed Sailor, Lenola, Six Parts Seven, Brother Danielson, The Good Life, The Gloria Record, Adam Voith, Erlend of Kings of Convenience project, T.W. Walsh, the Sixth Great Lake, Brandtson, and Neil Halstead. More details on each release when they are more ready. Damien Jurado’s Four Songs has been distributed by Secretly Canadian and is nearly sold out, so look for this in all of the coolest vinyl-selling record shops near you. Or order direct and get it before it’s too late. Damien has these LPs on tour with him, as well. Other LPs in the series will also be distributed by Secretly Canadian.

Reels of White Softly Flow has finished their debut release, the first live LP only release. Things have been sent off to the factory for pressing. The band isn’t officially on the label, but many old and dear friends are in the band, so the news is noteworthy. Look for them to play some live shows in June.

members of psalters will be traveling to the middle east to protest Iraqi sanctions as part of a peace walk through Iraq. The group will be bringing medical supplies into Iraq in violation of the sanctions. Stop by if you happen to be in the area. They’ll be playing some shows in the area, as well as out in Colorado with the Denver Gentlemen.

The btv website has an extensive list of stores that carry our titles. If you are unable to find our releases in your favorite store, let them know that they can order our cd releases from Redeye and the one-sided LP releases from Secretly Canadian.

:::On-line store news:::
There are several new titles in the btv on-line store as well as a few specially priced combination packages available with the new Damien Jurado and Pedro the Lion releases. For lovers of music, I encourage you to check out Early Day Miners : Let Us Garlands Bring (Secretly Canadian), Mirah : Advisory Committee (K Recs), Yume Bitsu : The Golden Vessyl of Sound (K Recs), Tristeza : s/t ep (Gravity), Soul Junk : 1957 LP, and more. The store carries a wide variety of music from labels and bands that we love and recommend.

Takin’ care of business,

I was in NYC last night to see Damien Jurado and Gathered in Song lash out with some hefty rock. T.W. Walsh began the show in a definitely over-the-top rock performance, as well, much different from the previous times I’d seen him play. The set was short and sweet. Pedro the Lion wrapped up the evening, playing many songs from Control, as well as a few classic hits. Seeing Damien rock so very hard was definitely the highlight of the night. The band played many songs from their recent I Break Chairs album and a couple from Ghost of David, with Damien beginning the set with a couple solo songs, including a very dark folk murder ballad. Johnathon (Unwed Sailor, Circle of Birds) was there to support each of the three bands and it was excellent to chat with him and everyone else in the bands. Tonight, the blistering rock comes to the TLA in Philadelphia. If you’re home and not at the show, this is the true definition of loser.
A friend sent me a bootleg copy of M