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It Doesn’t Matter

For fans of Saxon Shore, their most recent album, It Doesn’t Matter, has just been issued by the band as a 2xLP 180g vinyl release that comes with a cd version. Order directly from the band or from Insound.

This deluxe edition double LP will be limited to 500 copies. The double vinyl package takes all of the elements of the CD packaging by designer Lizania Cruz into the realm of the handmade. Bassist Will Stichter cut the paper, punched rectangles by hand, letterpressed the sleeves and the inserts on his 1938 Vandercook #3 press, and stitched each seam on his 60s-era Italian sewing machine. Truly a labor of love.

It features a side D with bonus tracks “Secret Fire, Binding Light” and “Amber, Ember, Glow” from the album Four Months of Darkness as re-recorded by the band during the It Doesn’t Matter recording sessions with Dave Fridmann. It also includes a digipak CD version of the US release. 



Noises for Japan

In the wake of the 11 March Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the Noises for Japan compilation project came together to benefit Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue And Support,

Soporus has a track on the compilation by themselves and a second with Stephen Roessner (Saxon Shore). There are 48 tracks in total. Please listen and donate by paying for a download.