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I’m in Los Angeles at the moment and things are very busy and happening. I’m staying with my friends Mike and Elisabeth who live near the ocean in Venice Beach. Their friend James was visiting and they’ve been editing an independent movie that they filmed last year. Last night, we had an outdoor barbeque, went to some super underground improve comedy thing, a midnight showing of Trilogy of Terror with a short talk back featuring actress Karen Black, and then a 3am visit to Rocoe’s Chicken and Waffles offering the best in, well, chicken and waffle combinations.
We’ve been visiting quite a few other strange spots, includnig Randy’s Donuts, a donut stand with a gigantic donut on the roof that can occassionally be seen in movies.
I’m off to San Francisco for a few days tomorrow. I’m going to see a baseball game on Tuesday with Jamie Hunt, who did the remarkable dry erase paint for Unwed Sailor’s The Marionette and The Music Box, and my old friend John who went to my high school. Should be exciting times ahead.
In one-sided LP news, both Early Day Miners and The Six Part Seven are being pressed and printed while we speak. Starflyer 59 have completed the audio for their release to be entitled Portuguese Blues that features a slight return to the gritty guitar rock days of old. Mount Eerie will begin working on a one-sided LP in July, tentatively, for a late autumn/early winter 2003 release.

I’ve just returned from seeing The Microphones/Mount Eerie for the second time in two days. Phil (who is both entities) played bass the first night in an interesting, but somewhat failing experiment when I saw him in Brooklyn, tonight was more traditional with electric guitar. I am a big fan of The Microphones, now Mount Eerie. Phil recorded a song with my good pal Mikael in Copenhagen a few weeks ago. Those connections always get my nostalgia flowing, remembering visits to that fair city and all of my Scandinavian friends. I guess this leads to my next piece of big news…I will be releasing the vinyl for The Lionheart Brothers : White Angel Black Apple in the United States. I rode around Europe with The Lionheart Brothers in the summer of 2000 because my good friend Rolf was their manager. In any case, White Angel Black Apple is a great record that’s been released in Europe already by Sally Forth. The cd version will most likely be co-released in the U.S. by btv and Velvet Blue Music. We’re going to finalize all of the details shortly, but it is planned for an autumn 2003 release…

I added a few new titles to the btv on-line store, including Unwed Sailor : The Marionette and The Music box in hardbound book/CD, LP, and regular CD formats and The Trouble with Sweeney : I Know You Destroy! CD and LP. Neither title is ready to ship at the moment, so these are for pre-order at the moment. I added The Lionheart Brothers : White Angel, Black Apple who are friends of mine from Norway that combine MBV guitars with some ’60s psychedelic pop melodies. Excellent record. Also, some new releases from Joan of Arc, Bonnie Prince Billy, the amazing Mt. Eerie album from The Microphones, and more.