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The Unwed Sailor show last night was spectacular. The band is touring as a 5 piece with a photographer. Johnathon sang the vocal parts to both “Pelican” and “Gila” from The White Ox album and there was a good mix of old songs with slight updates and changes with the newer songs. Thanks to everyone who came out for my birthday celebration. You are loved by an old man. We ended up at Pat’s for cheesesteaks super late and met up with the mewithoutyou crew. Tonight the band is off to Wilkes-Barre, but I’m staying in to make sure the Saxon Shore postcards are finished and the backlog of orders is cleared up. I’ll be at the Zebulon show in Brooklyn on Friday, see you there.

Lots of new records in the online store, including new records from Seldom, Kind of Like Spitting, Flaming Lips (vinyl), The Prom, and Saxon Shore, so be sure to check them out.
I was at the Furnace Festival in Birmingham, AL for the past few days, hanging out with lots of good friends. Andrew WK headlined Saturday night show and was just really incredible. His metal party music would lead you to believe that the show would be complete cheese, but it was a great performance, completely fun and entertaining. At one point, there were about 100 people on stage carrying WK around while he was singing. It was completely out of control. He stayed buy accutane online after the show for about an hour talking to people, signing autographs, this is what a rock star should be like. There were plenty of hardcore bands, which was a little out of my interest, but it was great to see friends mewithoutYou, Roadside Monument, and Pedro the Lion play, as well as the complete insanity known as the Dillinger Escape Plan.
I am off to see the Dodgers and Phillies play. This is one of those series where I root against the hometown team. Hopefully there won’t be any altercations. Especially since Johnathon isn’t there to jump into the fray.

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