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Low and His Name is Alive were pretty amazing on Tuesday night. Ethan, Courtney, and I went and met up with Mike and Matt. His Name is Alive played some really old songs, reaching way back to Home Is In Your Head for “Are We Still Married?” and at least one song that sounded familiar from Mouth By Mouth, later confirmed to be “Cornfield” by Adam. Of course, I’m sure alternate versions have been released from the many cd-r releases that have come out that I don’t have. It was like the show Rich and I went to in like 1997 or 1998. Weird. Low was much better than their last trip to Philadelphia and the sound was better than their first performance in the Unitarian Sanctuary. They don’t play many of the pre-Kranky era songs live these days. I would kill (ha ha) to hear “Violence” or “Above and Below”.
Jess will be here this weekend and we’re off to see the Saxon Shore/mewithoutyou show downtown. It’s apparently sold out already, so you’re out of luck. It’s a benefit show, but I’m looking at it more like a battle of the bands and am expecting the Saxons to notch their guitars come Saturday…

Happy Birthday to my sister.
Happy MLK Day. May you remember and celebrate the legacy of this great man for all he believed, from the struggle for civil rights to his less popular views on economics, politics, war, race, and religion.
A few more updates from the Saxon Shore camp…
Saxon Shore was contacted a few weeks ago about the use of one of their songs on the trailer for the 25th annual Sundance Film Festival. Starting this weekend at the Sundance Festival in Park City, UT and other Sundance sponsored theatres across the country, you will hear “This Shameless
Moment” from The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore as opener to the event.
Saxon Shore begin some regional touring this weekend and have thrown out the sampler to make room in the van for their mysterious fifth member, Oliver, who has participated in the recent ep and full-length, but has never played with the band live. The rock is all live again. Dates:
Jan 20 Harrisonburg, VA – Festival Ballroom at James Madison University
Jan 21 Lynchburg, VA – The Hangar
Jan 26 Fredonia, NY – Williams Center at SUNY Fredonia
Jan 28 Grand Rapids, MI – Cornerstone University
Jan 29 Muncie, IN – Student Center at Ball State University
Feb 11 Philadelphia, PA – Circle (Broad and Washington) :: w/ mewithoutyou
Mar 10 Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool

Scott, Willis, Mike, and I attempted to sail from the Eastern Shore to Baltimore on Saturday and Sunday, but there wasn’t enough wind to make it. We kept with our trip plans and slept on the boat after a Maryland crab dinner and were able to sail a bit more on Sunday to make up for our disappointing Saturday. After we got back, a few of us met up with Ethan to wish him a happy birthday. Speaking of birthdays, my parents got me one of those cool new Mac Mighty Mouses and I’m loving the trackball and ability to right click. Very nice.
A bunch of us went to see Sigur Ros on Friday night. Andy Bruntel is back to visit for a couple of weeks and he came out for the show. The band played most of the songs on Takk and a few older things, but not many. The sound was great, but too quiet. I wanted my ears to bleed from the massiveness of the sound.
Friends from mewithoutyou and Circle of Hope East are en route to Louisiana to pick up a bus load of refugees in their tour bus and take them to Philadelphia, New York, and Alabama. Whut?! How amazing is that? Plus their diesel bus has been modified to runs on cooking oil.
New dates are up for Saxon Shore touring in October and November, as well as one new date in November for Unwed Sailor and Bosque Brown.

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