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The 4 way split 2xLP planned between The Magic Lanterns, Foxhole, Questions in Dialect, and Soporus is still making progress. The Magic Lanterns have finished their side and the master is on its way. Foxhole are almost done. Questions in Dialect have a preview song posted on their myspace page. Matthew and Will have been pretty busy this season with Saxon Shore, but should be finding some time to work out their material soon. More exciting details soon…

I’m going to Basekamp to see the Participate exhibit tonight. Ben Volta, yes, that great Ben Volta, is part of the exhibition.
I guess in record label news, Soporus will now be the fourth band in the 4 way split 2xLP release that will now include Soporus, Magic Lanterns, Foxhole, and Questions in Dialect. Soporus replace Reels of White Softly Flow who have put themselves to rest.
Unwed Sailor is a critic’s pick for their show tomorrow night in Nashville. Their tour is nearing the end, but they’ve got a few more nights to bring the rock, so come on out.

I made some minor updates to the online store. I added Foxhole : We the Wintering Tree and added a new category so that you can search all instrumental releases. btv has put out a fair number of instrumental releases and some of my favorite inclusions in the online store are also instrumental releases. Browse away…
I’ll be going to see I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness on Sunday at 7pm at the Fire. See you there. They’re going to be doing a one-sided LP in the btv series at some point.

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