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Foxhole has a song from their Push/Pull ep on their myspace page.
I’m off to Chicago…see you at Hott Doug’s…
Saxon Shore are touring. GO SEE THEM!!

Today is the retail launch of Unwed Sailor’s Circles cdep. Run out to your local store and buy it or order from the online store.
I’m hoping to have the 2xLP release of Circles and The White Ox in July and The White Ox cd in September. Unwed Sailor is planning to be on tour in the U.S. in June and Europe in September.
Foxhole are wrapping up the artwork and mastering for their cdep that includes their contribution to the four way 2xLP split release. They should have the cdeps available on their May tour.
Johnathon is working with Josh Myers in Seattle to wrap up a couple of tracks for The White Ox. I’m going to see Mt. Eerie play tonight at the Unitarian Church.
Sunday, Saxon Shore kick off their tour with a special Philadelphia show at the Khyber. Be there.

I’m listening to two songs from the Foxhole contribution to the 4 band 2xLP release and they sound incredible. No official release date yet, but a lot of progress is being made. All of the band have committed to having cdep versions of their sides, so this will be a release that will have cdeps from Foxhole, The Magic Lanterns, Questions in Dialect, and Soporus and one 2xLP with all four bands on it. Vinyl lovers will reap the benefits. Willis and our friend Matt Neff will most likely be doing letterpress covers of the LP versions, so they will be extra special, but more details soon.

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