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We’re in Houston. Ester Drang played with Pedro the Lion and Seldom last night. It was good to see some old friends. The drang will do 2 more shows with both bands, so there is more yet to come. We got here a bit late to go to the Cy Twombly museum at the Menil Collection, it’s my favorite museum ever, but things worked out fine without a museum trip. We all did go to The House of Pies, possibly the best diner in America due to its large assortment of homemade pies. I had the French Blackbottom, an amaretto and fudge combination, since they were out of my favorite Bayou Good, which is pretty much an assortment of anything you can fit into a gooey cream pie. Brian and James both got Strawberry Rhubarb and my old pal Jack in Houston got a Lemon icebox. Kyle was mean and wouldn’t tell us what kind of pie he had, but this is what touring is all about: secrets, diners, and secrets at diners. Nice to have met a few people at the show last night at Mary Jane’s. Today we are off to Austin, one of my favorite cities.
p.s. a special thanks to terry for putting us up and to jack, sue, shawn, and jackson for all meeting up last night.

today is the first full day of the mini ester drang texas tour. we’re waking up in dallas after driving from tulsa last night. this was my first trip to oklahoma and they’ve been showing me all of the sites. former PA resident matt ralph showed up yesterday for a bit to hang out while we loaded the van. today, we drive to houston for the first show with seldom and pedro the lion. more details as the drama unfolds.

24 August 2001

Yesterday was my birthday. Denison is getting ready for his extended tour in a big way. Our friend Matt will be riding along, playing guitar and some drums. Look out big world. We are making new buttons, stickers, and posters. We are nearing the big radio push for Ester Drang. Let’s see what everyone in college radio thinks. I’ll be in Texas for three shows with them in September and will be visiting Oklahoma, also.
Thanks for visiting the new site, I think Andy did a great job. Let me/us know what you think.
There are lots of shows listed on the website, be sure to come out in support. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you at CMJ for The Trouble with Sweeney and Jetenderpaul.

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