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Saxon Shore won in the first round of the post-rock tournament yesterday. Yndi Halda is in the running today, go vote for them.
Congratulations to Sufjan and Rosie on their upcoming new project as reported by Pitchfork…happy parenting you lovebirds.
Many thanks to Commissioner Stone who slaved away weeding, raking, and mulching most of the day yesterday. He is my lawn wrangling hero.
Tom, Brit, and I wandered over to Temple’s Ambler campus to see Denison play in what seemed to be their student center. It was a super early show with Denison headlining at 7pm. After, we kidnapped him and somehow ended up playing trivia at the Drafting Room later in the night. As the Sleepers, in celebration of Denison’s forthcoming ep Are You a Sleeper?, we finished in the middle of the pack. He was also able to confirm the Pitchfork rumors.
Tonight, Ben Sand and Todd Brown are coming to Philadelphia!
Also, a don’t miss event:
Emperor X (Mountain Goats with drum machines?, it’s got the Shrimper indie pop sound)
Franklin Delano (creeky folk music from Italy)
Jon Felton and his Soulmobile
1125 S. Broad in Philadelphia. $6, 8:30pm.
Red Sparowes has had some gear stolen in Stockholm. If you’re Swedish, go to Do You Dream of Noise or the Red Sparowes myspace page for some more details.

Congratulations to Brian and Liz on their recent engagement.
Happy Birthday to Mike. A bunch of us took him out to celebrate last night.
My parents left yesterday after a visit. They overhauled my house and have it ready for spring. We all went to see the Phillies and Red Sox play on Saturday with Scott and Jane. The Phils were looking pretty good. I took it upon myself to boo Manny Ramirez very loudly, as should any respectable baseball fan. Miguel Tejada and Alfonso Soriano should also be on the short list for booing. Any player with a multi-million dollar contract and trade demands or position playing demands must be booed. At the top of this booing list is Johnny Damon. The once Baseball Jesus is now the baseball Judas, selling out rivalry for cold hard cash, shaving his beard, and cutting his hair. Even if you’re a Yankees fan you should be booing this wretched man. I did cheer for Coco Crisp, I don’t hate everyone. How can you not with such a great nickname? Enough of my opening day baseball ranting, let the games begin.
Summer Hymns have posted a preview track on their myspace page. It’s super hott and will begin to thaw us northerners out for the springtime. Zachary and I have been chatting on and off since an autumn 2001 performance about doing a Summer Hymns one-sided LP. Guess what? It’s listed in the update and should be out before another year goes by.
It’s going to be a busy week. My friend Adam is putting on a show with Emperor X and Frank Delano on Wednesday and it should be a good one. Ben is supposed to be driving down from NYC for a week’s stay or so and Todd will be arriving from Canada on Wednesday for the Philadelphia Film Festival.

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