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Pitchers and catchers are already at Spring Training Camp and the btv fantasy baseball leagues are underway. If team names like Ricky Hendersunn0))), Pelicanseco, Gagne West, gybjuanpierre, or the very terrible cat prior bring a smile to your face and you have indie rock cred (or are my dad), you should be in our league. Shoot off an e-mail and explain your situation for the chance to earn a coveted invite.
Efterklang have sent off three songs for their one-sided LP and have a cover photo ready to go. There’s going to be a lot of vinyl this spring with one-sided LPs coming from Bosque Brown, Efterklang, and June Panic. Ethan and I are swearing (you listening Ethan?) that the Aspera etching will finally be done and this record will be out just in time for their new band, Favourite Sons, to displace the Arctic Monkey or whatever ridiculous reigning hipster band of the moment. Also, a special treat…Unwed Sailor’s The Faithful Anchor will be out on vinyl in a special 180g version. It’s our first in extra heavy vinyl and it will impress. I think the one-sided LP for Isolation Years is just around the corner, as well. Krister and I have been working with the two Jacobs in the band to narrow down the tracklist.
Unwed Sailor’s Circles cdep is at the factory and will be released to stores on 2 May, coinciding with some upcoming touring. The White Ox cd will be releaed on 22 August and the 2xLP that will have both Circles and The White Ox will be ready in the summer for some early vinyl adopters. James Marsh did the covers for both releases and they’re magically mystical.

Happy New Year!
The Danish band Efterklang is finishing up two songs for their one-sided LP that will be released this spring on Burnt Toast Vinyl.
My friend Krister (Do You Dream of Noise mailorder in Ume

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