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Since today seems to be a day of surprises, changes, and announcements, I’ll join in and announce the newest band on the btv roster. They’re called byul and hail from Seoul, South Korea. They sing in Korean with some amazing vocals and combine both acoustic and electronic instruments. We’re finalizing the details for the first US full-length which will be released sometime in 2007. If you can read Korean, you can check out their website. High fives and shout outs to the Commissioner (aka Matthew) who tenaciously tracked the band down after hearing a couple of their songs on the Korean film Take Care of My Cat. He visited many file sharing sites, web pages, and catalogs, sharing his fervour with all of us at the label, inspiring us to join in on the fray. We’ve been listening to the big package of records the band sent last week and it’s pretty incredible stuff. We’ll work on getting some mp3s somewhere for you all to hear.
I added a few new things to the online store, including the Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss 2xLP for pre-order. I’ve taken off some out of print vinyl, so you won’t be confused when you try to order it and it never arrives.
Philadelphians, Saxon Shore was added to the Unwed Sailor show at Johnny Brenda’s on 28 November. It’s gonna be extra special now. If all goes well, I should be at the Unwed Sailor show in Chicago, too, as well as a few close to Philadelphia on the East Coast.
And happy belated 30th birthday to Denison. I was stalking his website waiting for his birthday songs to appear. Go get the thirty-three songs available for download.

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