I was in Maryland to watch the Indiana/Oklahoma NCAA basketball game. To the delight of the room full of Indiana natives, Indiana beat Oklahoma to make it to the NCAA finals. There was much rejoicing. I’ll be watching on Monday hoping Indiana wins it all.
Today was the official start of the baseball season…indie rockers everywhere are secret (or not-so-secret) baseball fans. It’s true.
Denison will be back in Philadelphia later this week to work on the recording of additional instrumentation and mixing for his Philadelphia Songs album. Hopefully, you got to see Denison with The Six Parts Seven on the tour. The Six Parts Seven are an amazing band, be sure to get their new album out now on Suicide Squeeze, available in the on-line store.

Denison Witmer : Of Joy & Sorrow was #154 on the CMJ top 200 this week. Thanks to stations playing the record. Be sure to listen for it on the CMJ station in your area or request it if you aren’t hearing it.

Don’t forget to see Denison Witmer play the final dates of his tour with The Six Parts Seven. I’ll be at the shows in Brooklyn (Wed) and Lancaster (Fri). Saturday is The Six Parts Seven cd release party show in their hometown area in Cleveland, OH at the Grog Shop. I’m sure that will be an exciting show.

The Trouble with Sweeney is doing a short little mini-tour this weekend up and down the East Coast. Be sure to check them out as they play with True Love Always (Teenbeat).

All Jetenderpaul 7″ pre-orders have been mailed out, so look for yours. It should be worth the long wait.

Though Jeff from the Drang, who happens to go to Oklahoma, differs in opinion, I’m still rooting for the Indiana Hoosiers to make it to the NCAA finals.

The official start of baseball season is just moments away, hopefully I’ll run into some of you at Philadelphia’s opening game next Friday.


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