My installation of OS X is up and running. Nearly all of my applications are upgraded with a few things to fix up tonight. I’ve been casually looking through the website for the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album whose insert links major record labels with weapons manufacturing. It’s something to ponder a bit.
Finishing up a few details for the Ester Drang recording. My part is to arrange for Chris Colbert to fly to Dallas and meet up with the Drang who will be recording in Denton, TX. Then, I am trying to figure out how to get everyone to Chicago to do overdubs and mix. It’s an exciting little puzzle. But, it’s nice to know that things are working out.
The Trouble with Sweeney are planning their recording for December with Brian McTear who recorded their last record. They have a new rhythm section that has been working out the new songs in practice sessions. They will play on 15 November in NYC at the Living Room and on 7 December at the Fire with the new members.
Denison continues to make his way around the country. He’s making his way towards the Northwest at a steady pace. Be sure to see him.

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